To the Saints of God!!!  Since the month of  December, we have been working on short range and long range planning.  
We started out in December with the goal of establishing a vision, mission, theme, motto and goals.  I am so proud to say
that on  02/16/11, Zion Travelers voted in the aforementioned plan.  What really stood out was the amount of input and the
careful prayer and meditation that so many dedicated to this project. In many of the sessions I observed how many of the
saints conversed, thought out loud, encouraged one another, and especially how the saints took ownership of such a
project. In many churches a select few will create a similar document and it is given to the congregation.  In this case the
congregation together, from the ground up, formulated the very document and we can truly say it is about ownership on
the part of all the members who chose to participate.  To God be the Glory!

Let me review the importance of such a document and parts of the document that are equally important. The vision is a
plan of where we want to be five, seven, or even ten years from this very date. The mission indicates where we are now
and what we are doing right now. The theme is a verse that captures what we are about, and oftentimes is tied into an area
in which we feel we need improvement.  In essence, the theme is a snapshot  that combats complacency. The motto’s
analogy can be seen as a moment, a quick reminder to uplift and celebrate God and somewhat highlight the theme. The
goals are tied into the vision, the mission, the theme, and the motto.  The goals are where much of the work will be done
to build what we call the strategic plan that will drive us the next five, seven or ten years.  Now that we have ten goals, we
will create committees for each goal to build that part of the strategic plan.   You will see each of these new statements
listed within the contents of this document.  To God be the Glory!!!

It is very clear and obvious that God is calling for a committed church.  In order to have a committed church we must
have committed saints. I did not say committed people; I used committed saints.  Committed saints need not be dragged
and begged and pleaded with to do God’s will.  Committed saints are driven by the spirit which God has invested in their
hearts.  In addition, the saints of God are spiritually led, spiritually educated, and walk in the spirit and not by sight.  The
common thread that holds the saints of God together is the Holy Spirit.  The fuel that drives the saints and keeps them alert
and keeps them committed and dedicated is the Word of God.

Many churches rise and then fall because they overlook these important matters.  They allow themselves to be embroiled
in worldly shenanigans.  This is not and will not be Zion Travelers because we said we would work hard and be good
workers to receive God’s approval and that we would commit everything we do to the Lord.

To the Saints of God,

Daniel Watkins, Ph.D,



Zion Travelers Missionary Baptist Church aspires to be holy, spirit led, and a light to the community.  We will strive to
save souls, create the appropriate facilities, and be spiritual stewards of God given resources.  Our hallmark will be that of
love, joy, peace and humbleness.


Our purpose here at Zion Travelers Missionary Baptist Church is to reach as many people with the good news of Jesus
Christ as possible.  We accomplish this through: Relevant and challenging messages from our pastor:

  • An exciting atmosphere of praise and worship during our services
  • A commitment to prayer and fellowship
  • A genuine hunger for God’s word
  • A sincere desire to exalt Christ
  • A willingness to be led by the Holy Spirit
  • A passion to disciple all Christians – An unconditional love for all humanity


Work hard so you can present yourself to God and receive His approval.  Be a good worker, one who does not need to be
ashamed and who correctly explains the word of truth. II Timothy 2:15


Commit everything you do to the LORD.  Trust Him, and He will help you. Psalms 37:5


  • To support, in every way, the spread of the Gospel
  • To give God all praise, honor and glory
  • To spiritually educate every member in the ways of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
  • To increase the level of Leadership Development in leaders and those who will become leaders*
  • To organize youth programs that are designed to the specific needs of young people
  • To use technology to improve the spread of the gospel, communication and recruitment
  • To erect a facility that will accommodate programs, meet the needs of the membership and the community
  • To develop programs for recruitment and retainment in ministry, Sunday School, Bible class and the church as a
  • To create ideas on securing revenue
  • To assume a more visible and influential role in our immediate community programs
  • Develop intranet to accompany church’s website to send emails to all active members, allow communication
    between ministries and clergy, and allow open door interaction with ministry leaders and clergy
  • Develop and implement marketing strategy to enhance presence of Zion Travelers in the Jackson Metro area

The Roman Road To Salvation

The first and foremost duty of the Christian is to lead people to CHRIST and present them with an opportunity to accept
HIS gift of Salvation, first with their lips, so that they may later come to accept HIM in their hearts, through the study of
GOD’s word, and, through the power and guidance of the HOLY SPIRIT. The following scriptures are  to enable you to
do just that, and is known to us, quite simply, as the “Romans Road to Salvation”

-Romans 1: 20 For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the
that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:

-Roman 3: 23 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;

-Romans 5: 8 But God commendeth his love towards us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

-Romans 6: 23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

-Romans 10: 9, 10, 11 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God
hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.  For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the
mouth confession is made unto salvation.  For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.

-Romans 10: 13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

The Role of the Holy Spirit
We believe God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are ONE.

I. When we accept Jesus ▸ Regenerated and justified ▸ Baptized into the body by the Holy Spirit ▸ Holy Spirit entered our

II. Now what happens?   (SEAL) ▸ John 6:27 Seeking ▸ Ephesians 1:13; 4:30 Proof/Sorrow

III Pledge ▸ II Corinthians 1:22   Ephesians 1:14 ▸ II Corinthians 5:5 Pledge IV Witness ▸ Hebrews 10:14, 15 Fear Witness
▸ Romans 8:16 Witness V Witness to Promises ▸ John 16:13 John 17:12 I John 5:11-13

VI. How to recognize your gift (I Corinthians 12, 13) ▸ You have a gift (at least one) ▸ Prayer and willingness (most
problem areas) ▸ Intelligent understanding ▸ Knowledge of yourself and abilities ▸ Time limits – none ▸ Humbly, grateful,
fully ▸ Encourage salvation and edification

V. Witness to Promises ▸ John 16:13 John 17:12 I John 5:11-13

VI. How to recognize your gift (I Corinthians 12, 13) ▸ You have a gift (at least one) ▸ Prayer and willingness (most
problem areas) ▸ Intelligent understanding ▸ Knowledge of yourself and abilities ▸ Time limits – none ▸ Humbly, grateful,
fully ▸ Encourage salvation and edification

VII. Fruit of the Spirit (God’s expectation in our lives) Romans 8:29 Ephesians 4:13 Psalms 1:2-3 John 15:4-5    Galatians
5:22-23 Love, Joy, Peace  ➔ From God Patience, Kindness,  Goodness ➔ Towards our Neighbor Faithfulness,
Gentleness, Self-control ➔ Ourselves


Fasting is voluntarily abstaining from food for spiritual purposes.

I. Self humbling is the primary purpose Matthew 18:4  Luke 4:1-2  Matthew 23:12  II Chronicles 20:12  James 4:10   
Matthew 6:17-18  Esther 4:15-17  Acts 13:1-4  Psalm 35: 13  II Corinthians 6:4-6  Acts 14:23  Ezra 8:21-23  
II Chronicles 20:2-4  Jonah 3:1-10  Joel 2:12  Leviticus 16:29-31  Luke 4:14  I Peter 5:6

II. Prayer, Fasting Matthew 6

III. Fasting Benefits

All Christians should fast           Humility

Positive spiritual attitude           Closer to God

Bodies are important                  Understand God’s will

Fast with water, partial fast       Intercede for others

Reading and prayer                    Healing

Avoid conflicts                            Deliverance

Short fasts, hrs to days slowly  Direction

After fasting, light meals, eat gradually

Giving is an expression of love.

Giving is a response. II Cor. 8:12-15 * Giving is an act of faith. II Cor. 9:7-11
Giving benefits the giver and receiver. II Cor 9:11-14 * Giving follows the example of Jesus. II Cor. 8:9; 9:15

Our Pledge

It is the realization that the building of Zion Travelers, built in 1964, is in need of serious repairs.  The repairs are severe
enough to warrant the building of a new temple with additions needed to spiritually educate the total person for the twenty-
first century.  It was voted on unanimously in January 2006, by  the Zion Travelers membership to start pledging $500.00
a year.  This pledge will replace the April Family Night program and the October Zion Travelers program.  The pledge
program was amended in November of 2009.  The amended plan evolves to accommodate a monthly church mortgage.  
This amendment calls for members to pay $50 a month in place of a year end amount.  This will better position the church
to meet a monthly payment.

Pledge Recommendations

-150 people- $50.00 a month- Equals $7,500 a month- This will enable us to meet a monthly payment- Our yearly amount
with 150 people at $50 a month equals $90,000.00 a year

*Please know that whatever you give and however it is given is a blessing and is truly welcomed.

Bible Calendar
  • January -Planning
  • February -Understanding the Bible
  • March -Love, Forgiveness, Godly Men and Godly Women
  • April -Encouragement, Respect, Honesty, Obedience, Commitment
  • May-  Temptation
  • June Relationships, Marriage, Family
  • July -Money Management and Giving
  • August -Fasting, Holy Spirit, Prayer, Praise and Worship
  • September-  Depression, Anxiety and Death
  • October -Joy
  • November- The Book of Revelation
  • December-  Evaluation

Events Guide
  • Clergy – Leadership Training, Prayer Vigil, Revivals, Watch Service
  • Finance Ministry – Church Picnic, Financial Pledges
  • Clerical/Program Ministry – Notifications, Video/Cassette, Black History Program, Church Anniversary, Church
    Banquet, Graduate’s Program
  • Instruction – Guidance Class, Summer Activities, Vacation Bible School, Professional Development
  • Youth/Young Adult Ministry – Christmas Program, Domestic Violence Conference, Parents and Youth Conference,
    Youth Banquet, Easter Program, Harvest Carnival, School Supply
  • Help Ministry – Health Fairs
  • Outreach – Outreach Picnic
  • Women’s Ministry – Women’s Retreat, Men’s & Women’s Day, Fellowship Dinner, Christmas Service
  • Men’s Ministry – Men’s & Women’s Day, Men’s Retreat, Thanksgiving Service
  • Music Ministry  - Choir Anniversary, Lamentations Anniversary Program
  • Other Events – Basketball Trip, Church Trip, Ivory Green Memorial, JSU vs TSU Game, Pastor Anniversary
    Program, Dr. Martin Luther King Program

Duties and Responsibilities of Church Ministries

Clergy ▸Oversee the operation of Zion Travelers ▸ Decide on ministers to speak ▸ Resolve conflicts ▸ Make changes when
necessary ▸ Ensure the bylaws are carried out ▸ Teach salvation ▸ Carry out Matthew 25:31-46 ▸ Spiritually train our
children ▸ Ensure and maintain financial integrity ▸ Ensure fairness

Women’s Ministry – Mothers, Womanhood, Food Service, Church Contact ▸ Constantly call members, especially those
who have missed two (2) consecutive Sundays ▸ Call sick members▸ Encourage members to attend Sunday School,
Service & Bible Classes ▸ Prepare communion ▸ Encourage all women to become members of the womanhood ▸ Work
with the Mother’s Board ▸ Manage the kitchen ▸ Manage the sales that are associated with the kitchen ▸ Ensure that the
kitchen is stocked, clean, and presentable

Men’s Ministry – Deacons, Brotherhood, Maintenance, Custodial▸ Assist the pastor▸ Oversee the general operation and
welfare of the building▸ Be present at all church services, day and night▸ Assist with communion and the visitation of the
sick and shut-in▸ Oversee the collecting and dispersal of monies▸ Encourage all men to become members of the
brotherhood, including teenagers▸ Have training each first Sunday morning▸ Ensure that the grounds are kept clean and
presentable▸ Ensure that the building, inside and outside, is kept presentable▸ Keep abreast of all church activities to make
sure the building is presentable at all times▸ Get our young adults and youth involved

Help Ministry – Ushers, Nurses’ Aide▸ Show dignity, poise, &friendliness when meeting/greeting people▸ Establish
guidelines with signals and inform the church of those  signals▸ Give visitation cards out and take them up at the end of  
service▸ Give visitation cards to the fellowship committee▸ Work closely with the ushers▸ Make sure first aid kits are
available▸ Become aware of special health problems in the congregation▸ Do health drives▸ Become a health information
guide for the church▸ Get our young adults and youth involved

Outreach Ministry – Community, Visitation, Media▸ Do marketing and advertisements for the church▸ Be the recruiting
arm for the church▸ Bring the neighborhood into Zion Travelers▸ Arrange visits to jails, hospitals, and nursing homes▸
Seek ways to integrate technology at Zion Travelers▸ Plan for a television service▸ Plan a fellowship of choice or outing
once a month for the church▸ Get young adults and youth involved

Music Ministry – Choir Heads, Musicians▸ Coordinate with  pastor planning and conducting worship services▸ Work
closely with musicians/choir members on what is expected▸ Outline what is expected of your choir heads▸ Enforce the
choir rules in conjunction with the choir heads▸ Minister of Music will get musicians in for practices, services, and
visitations▸ Determine the choir to perform on Sun, for programs &visits▸ Establish regulations agreed upon by the choir
members▸ Seek to add to the choirs▸ Establish practice times agreed upon by all involved▸ Keep a log of practices and

Instruction Ministry – Sunday School, Bible Class, Orientation, Guidance▸ Provide encouragement for member
attendance▸ Teachers should notify the superintendent about their absences ▸ Each teacher should make their class the
largest by recruitment▸ Keep log of member and teacher attendance▸ Bible classes for will be held on Wednesday nights at
7:00 P.M▸ Encourage all members to attend▸ Set up an orientation program for new members of all ages▸ The length of
the program should be four weeks▸ Ensure members are recognized upon completion of the program

Young Adult/Youth Ministry – Recreation, Young Adult/Youth▸ Establish a well organized youth department▸ Incorporate
ideas that will spiritually train our children▸ Establish programs for teenagers▸ Make use of Saturdays for activities, at least
once a month▸ Plan one major trip for the year in the summer time▸ Work with the youth choir▸ Work with the
inspirational choir

Clerical/Program Ministry – Clerks, Newsletters, Church Retention, Big Brother/Sister, Programs, Decorations▸ Keep logs
of each Sunday’s sermons and memberships▸ Record minutes of all business meetings▸ Read announcements and the
prayer list▸ Handle the ministers’, mothers’, and deacons’ clerical work▸ Assist in taking in new members▸ Ensure that
the newsletter is church informational▸ Become editors, and not wait for write-up from committees.  Find out what they
are doing▸ Distribute newsletters 2nd Sun. in each month, beginning in Feb.▸ Include public schools and local college info
and Black History▸ Receive minutes from the auxiliaries▸ Have documents  regarding meetings, practices, &calendar
events▸ Establish a church directory▸ Establish a church constitution▸ Create a storehouse of church information pertinent
to Zion Travelers and place it in library form▸ Develop cards to give to members and visitors inviting them to Sunday
School, Church Services, and Bible Class▸ Call visitors and new members expressing Zion Travelers’ desire to have them
in the service▸ Get our young adults and youth involved▸ Coordinate programs with the pastor▸ Ensure the participation of
all church members▸ Ensure that programs are advertised well in advance▸ Use decorative ideas on regular Sundays and
special programs▸ Use ideas for the whole building including all bulletin boards▸ Be responsible for the annual church
banquet▸ Get our young adults and youth involved

Finance Ministry – Clerks, Finance, Accounts Payable▸ Develop a financial report sheet;  give it to the pastor each Sun.▸
Ensure financial and quarterly reports are ready for business meetings▸ Ensure that at least two  members are in the
finance room when money is present▸ Checks are to be kept by the chair, vice-chair & secretary▸ Prepare a request for
funds sheet▸ All request for funds should go through finance then the pastor▸ Ensure that the regular bills are paid on time

Counseling for Christ Ministry▸ Keep an open communication with the pastor▸ Be trust worth▸ Ensure confidentiality
(except in dangerous situations) ▸ Be a good listener▸ Care for those who are in a crisis, hurting, grieving and bereaved.
Continue to check on the bereaved for 3 months▸ Develop a whole-hearted love for God and others▸ Help meet various
challenges in a way that will always please and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ▸ Assign Big Brother and Big Sister to new
members▸ Collect various books on counseling and topics that we will encounter▸ Attend special in-house training sessions

Church Coordinator▸ Assist pastor in administration and organization of the church▸ Receive direction from the pastor to
aid in communication and directives▸ Take minutes for the Zion Travelers Board▸ Receive minutes from ministers and file
in the pastor’s study ▸ Make appointments for the pastor▸ Make the pastor aware of all church activities▸ Survey
members to ensure they are being treated fairly▸ Speak to auxiliary leaders once a month to relay problems to the pastor▸
Handle the pastor’s schedule▸ Handle the pastor’s paperwork

Technology Outreach Ministry▸ Use video projection for announcements, scriptures, and important literature▸ Enhance
sermons and presentations with graphic and word art▸ Video and audio tape services for sale, advertisement and better
visibility▸ Ensure properly operating sound system for all services and programs ▸ Develop intranet to accompany church’
s website to send e-mails to all active members, allow communication between ministries and clergy, and allow open door
interaction with ministry leaders and clergy▸ Develop and implement marketing strategy to enhance presence of Zion
Travelers in the Jackson Metro area


All payments are at the Board’s discretion, allowing them to modify limits and recipients.


1.A Giving (Family Death) $100 and a flower – Given  to Mothers, Fathers, Wives, Husbands, Children, Grandparents,
Sisters, Brothers, Mothers-in-law, fathers-in-law and Special Guardians
1.B Sick members – 2 days (Hospital), $50.00 gift basket and a card
1.C Assistance ceiling $300; Board meets 3rd Tuesday of each month; use forms
1.D 1/10 of total offering replenishes Benevolent Fund Dec. 31 – All monies (Benevolent) go back to operations;
replenishing starts 1st Sunday in January.
1.E Scholarship program is supplied by the finance committee removing $10.00 from each paying member monthly
1.F The new Pledge System replaces church building fund-raisers.
1.G Employee salaries determined by Pastor with Board & body approval
1.H Pastor’s salary is determined by the Board with body approval.
1.I   Monetary requests must be signed by Pastor, Chair, and V-Chair.
1.J Auxiliary dues must have goals and be approved by the Board
1.K Leadership meetings will be held every 3rd Wed. at 6:00 P.M.
1.L Board meetings will be held every 3rd Tuesday at 7:00 P.M.
1.M Business meetings will be held every 4th Wednesday after the monthly quarter at 8:00 P.M.
1.N Increase Academic incentives by $10.00 per level
1.O Musicians’ in-town/out-of-town pay increased by $5.  Weekly pay for guitarist increased by $10; lead musician’s
weekly pay increased by $20 (January 2011)
1.P Zion Travelers will make $100 monthly donation to Stewpot (Dec. 2010)


2.A Chairman of the Deacon Board will head the clean up committee.
2.B Disbursal of funds is through request forms
2.C Any purchase more than $300.00 must be brought to the body except in extreme emergencies
2.D Musicians, Clerical Ministry members, Finance Ministry members, and Coordinator will be limited to five (5) paid
absences; Associate Pastors to seven (7); Pastor to ten (10), Finance, Clerical, and Music Ministry chairpersons will
monitor paid absences.
2.E Musicians are paid in thirds for practices, service, and night services.
2.F Church coordinator, clerical staff and finance staff are paid in halves for Wednesday and Sunday services.
2.G Building Use:   Non-Members $500 – non-refundable Members $100 – refundable (cleanup fee) Solicitations are up to
the Board’s discretion.
2.H The body agreed to reestablish church coordinator at $30 a week
2.I Musicians’ salaries were increased by $10 per week/$40 per month
2.J $100 per month salary paid to Bro. James Brown for the removal of trash (January 2008)
2.J.A Monthly pay for Bro. Willie James Brown increased from  $100/$200 per month (January 2011)
2.K Reverends Ricky Douglas & Eric Brown were named Asso. Pastors and given more responsibility.  Instead of the
Pastor directly overseeing the ministries and programs, Douglas and Brown will divide the responsibilities.  Weekly
compensation of $50 per Associate Pastor will begin January 2008.   2.K.A A bonus of $250 per Associate Pastor will be
given each July and December beginning 2008.
2.L Announcements will gradually be restricted to electronic display
2.M Clerical Ministry merged with Program Ministry
2.N Counseling for Joy Ministry approved to be renamed Counseling for Christ
2.O Technology Ministry approved to upgrade church website, capture scriptures through video for wall projection, tape
baptisms and other events


3.A Pastor selects chairman and vice-chairman of the Deacon Board
3.B Praise group (dance) approved to be used at special programs and night worship 3.B.A Mime group is approved to be
used at special programs and night services
3.C Selection of Chairman and Vice-Chairman by the Pastor with Board and body approval
3.D Spiritual Award – The spirit award will be given in February for one who served faithfully in spite of trials.  The
award will be named the “Gerlean Thomas Award”
3.E Church Membership 1.  Public profession of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ 2.  Transfer of membership from another
church 3.  Christian experience
Termination of Membership 1.  Death 2.  Resignation of membership 3.  Transfer of membership   4.  Exclusion by action
of the church (letters are written to see if they want their membership continued) – 30 days to respond 1.  Active and
Inactive Membership (Board Approved) ▸ Active – regular basis ▸ Inactive – non-support for three months (with the
exception of sickness or causes beyond control)
3.F Add chairperson and vice-chairperson of the Mother Board to the Board
3.G Add to the Board an Evangelist  with at least three years experience3.H Ministers and Deacons will become part of the
Board after  ordination
3.I Testimonies are removed from day services, restricted to night services only
925 West Pearl Street
Jackson, Mississippi 39203
Dr. Daniel Watkins; Pastor
925 W. PEARL STREET - JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI 39203 - 601-355-5545